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General Information
LZ Type: Hospital
(All the same)
N 38° 51' 26" x W 77° 13' 35"
38° 51.44' x -77° 13.59'
38.85733300 x -77.22650000
FAA Nav ID: 72VA
Address: 3300 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042
Phone: VA Ops 800-258-8181
Comments: Call VIRGINIA OPS at 20 minutes, 10 minutes, 2 minutes, and "clear" after landing. Activate lights for rooftop pad on 123.025.
Group Specific Info
Group Nav ID:
Hospital Information
Trauma Level: 1 Pediatrics: Y
Cardiac: Y Burn Center: N
Stroke: Y HR OB/Gyn: N
Security Phone:
Security Contact:
Radio Frequency:
Emergency Department
ED Contact:
ED Phone:
Record Information
Last Update: Nov 29, 2015 11:56am Lisa Gibson
Added By: Jul 30, 2013 5:07am Gene Jones
Weather Stations
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LZ Information
Location/Description: Three helipads: ER/Trauma Building - rated at 30,000 lbs IHVI - Inova Heart and Vascular Institue Helipad - rated at 22,000 lbs SPT - South Patient Tower Helipad - rated at 15,000 lbs See attached helipad operations policy/procedure manual, Ingress-Egress Routes, Arrival Departure graphic, and Helipad Reference Sheet.
Hazards: Do not over-fly hospital buildings if wind conditions permit.
Approach/Departure: Maintain at least 1000 feet as long as possible. Remain over 495 and Gallows Road. Avoid overflight of residential area south and west of hospital.
Comm Chan: UHF-004
Dimensions: 127 x 81
Surface: concrete
Elevation: 388
Jet A Fuel: No
Nav Freq:
Max Weight:
Windsock: Yes
Lighting: Both pads lit.
Instrument App: No
Alternate LZ Information
Heliport ID: VAFX2
Coordinates: N/A x N/A
0° 00.' x 0° 00.'
0.00000000 x 0.00000000
Location/Description: Pine Ridge Park. Ground transportation arranged by Virginia Ops with Fairfax County EMS.