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General Information
LZ Type: Airport
(All the same)
N 38° 52' 30" x W 77° 03' 24"
38° 52.49' x -77° 03.4'
38.87487900 x -77.05667400
Address: RDF Access Lane
Arlington, VA 22202
Phone: (703) 696-3483 / (202)693-1069
Comments: Tower staffed 0730-1730 M-F. Normal ops 0800-1600 M-F.
Group Specific Info
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Record Information
Last Update: Oct 02, 2013 11:56am Chris Wertz
Added By: Oct 02, 2013 11:55am Robert Bowen
Weather Stations
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LZ Information
Location/Description: Pentagon-shaped marked helipad north of The Pentagon. Clearance required prior to landing.
Hazards: Highway lighting and signage to the west.
Approach/Departure: Highway lighting and signage to the west.
Nearest Fuel
Name Dist Bearing IFR
Washington National Airport 1.6 118° ESE Y
AWOS/ASOS: ATIS-132.65(703-419-3917)
Nearest Specialty Centers
Name Dist Bearing Trauma Burn Ped Neuro
Childrens National Medical Center (STAT Medevac 18) 3.7 118° ESE 1 Y Y Y
Washington Hospital Center - MedSTAR 3.7 118° ESE 1 Y N Y
Suburban Hospital 7.8 118° ESE 3 N N Y
Comm Chan:
Dimensions: 82' x 82'
Surface: Concrete
Elevation: 40'/12m Field E
Jet A Fuel: No
Nav Freq:
Max Weight:
Lighting: Low
Instrument App: No