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General Information
LZ Type: Hospital
(All the same)
N 38° 54' 05" x W 77° 03' 02"
38° 54.08' x -77° 03.03'
38.90132400 x -77.05049800
FAA Nav ID: 24DC
Address: 900 23rd St NW
Washington, DC 20037
Group Specific Info
Group Nav ID:
Hospital Information
Trauma Level: 1 Pediatrics: N
Cardiac: N Burn Center: N
Stroke: N HR OB/Gyn: N
Security Phone:
Security Contact:
Radio Frequency:
Emergency Department
ED Contact:
ED Phone:
Record Information
Last Update: Jun 25, 2023 1:27pm Hae Kim
Added By: Feb 12, 2008 11:59am Dan Lane
Weather Stations
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LZ Information
Location/Description: One Roof Top Helipad inside P56A. It can be a bit difficult to find since all building structures are the same height in the area. Review attached pictures. Security will escort crew to the pad to gain access.
Hazards: No guards/bumpers to prevent stretcher from rolling off helipad or first 25' of the walkway. Walkway/Ramp has a sharp decline leading to the elevator. There are railings to help providers negotiate the steep ramp. The ramp has 3 landings on the way down to the Elevators. The Height difference between the Walkway to the elevator level is approximately 20'. Structure approximately 10' high, adjacent to the NE of the helipad
Approach/Departure: Avoid approaching the pad FROM the North East due to the structure adjacent NE to the pad. Remember to contact National Tower before departing for clearance into the Bravo airspace and to depart P-56A.
Nearest Fuel
Name Dist Bearing IFR
Pentagon Army Heliport 1.6 118° ESE N
Nearest Specialty Centers
Name Dist Bearing Trauma Burn Ped Neuro
Washington Hospital Center - MedSTAR 2.3 118° ESE 1 Y N Y
Childrens National Medical Center (STAT Medevac 18) 2.3 118° ESE 1 Y Y Y
Suburban Hospital 6.4 118° ESE 3 N N Y
Comm Chan:
Dimensions: 55'
Surface: Non Skid
Elevation: 170' MSL
Jet A Fuel: No
Nav Freq:
Max Weight: 15,000 lbs
Windsock: 70' East from the North edge of the Helipad
Lighting: Yes
Instrument App: No