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General Information
LZ Type: Hospital
(All the same)
N 36° 52' 08" x W 76° 07' 57"
36° 52.13' x -76° 07.96'
36.86880000 x -76.13260000
Address: 800 Independence Blvd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Phone: (757) 363-6100
Comments: Landing Zone is normally established in grassy field north of the building upon request by the Virginia Beach Fire Department. Nightingale Communications will facilitate establishment of this landing zone with the VBFD and the hospital's safety/security department and assist in relay of pertinent landing zone information, including hazards, from the LZ controllers to inbound aircraft. Contact Nightingale Communications on 123.050 or 800-572-4354 for notification.

> Virginia Beach Citywide Mut Aid: 800mHz, LE VA - Ch# 156, "C15 EMG-15"
> Virginia Beach Fire Dispatch: 800mHz, LE VA - Ch# 138 "VB FIRE CMD"
Group Specific Info
Group Nav ID:
Hospital Information
Trauma Level: N/A Pediatrics: N
Cardiac: N Burn Center: N
Stroke: N HR OB/Gyn: N
Security Phone:
Security Contact:
Radio Frequency:
Emergency Department
ED Contact:
ED Phone:
Record Information
Last Update: Apr 18, 2017 7:33am George Pettit
Added By: Nov 22, 2008 2:21am Yvette Sarofeen
Weather Stations
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LZ Information
Location/Description: Large grass field NW of hospital.
Hazards: Poles Wires (W) Trees (N, E) Parking Lot
Nearest Fuel
Name Dist Bearing IFR
Norfolk Intl Airport 3.6 117° ESE Y
AWOS/ASOS: 757-460-9348
Nearest Specialty Centers
Name Dist Bearing Trauma Burn Ped Neuro
Sentara Norfolk General Hospital/ Children's Hospital of the King's Daughter 8.3 117° ESE 1 N Y Y
Riverside Regional Medical Center 20.4 117° ESE 2 N N Y
Comm Chan: VHF 8
Dimensions: 300 x 100
Surface: Grass
Jet A Fuel: No
Nav Freq:
Max Weight:
Windsock: No
Lighting: No
Instrument App: No
Alternate LZ Information
Heliport ID:
Coordinates: N/A x N/A
0° 00.' x 0° 00.'
0.00000000 x 0.00000000
Location/Description: VB Fire Dep Tac 3 or Tac 4 on 800mhz.