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General Information
LZ Type: Hospital
(All the same)
N 36° 35' 13" x W 82° 15' 25"
36° 35.21' x -82° 15.42'
36.58688100 x -82.25702200
FAA Nav ID: TN04
Address: 1 Medical Park Blvd
Bristol, TN
Group Specific Info
Group Nav ID:
Hospital Information
Trauma Level: 2 Pediatrics: N
Cardiac: Y Burn Center: N
Stroke: Y HR OB/Gyn: N
Security Phone:
Security Contact:
Radio Frequency:
Emergency Department
ED Contact:
ED Phone:
Record Information
Last Update: Feb 23, 2016 1:49pm Tracy Orfield
Added By: Jul 08, 2014 10:43am Corey Greene
Weather Stations
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LZ Information
Location/Description: Ground pad NE side of hospital
Hazards: 150 FT high-voltage power lines to the north along southern side of I-81. These wires are difficult to see. DO NOT APPROACH FROM OR DEPART TO THE NORTH!
Approach/Departure: Over parking lot. DO NOT APPROACH FROM OR DEPART TO THE NORTH!
Nearest Fuel
Name Dist Bearing IFR
None within approx 50 miles
Nearest Specialty Centers
Name Dist Bearing Trauma Burn Ped Neuro
Wellmont Holston Valley Medical Center 14.4 115° ESE 3 N N Y
Johnson City Medical Center 17.9 115° ESE 1 N Y Y
Comm Chan: Medical: Bristol Regional Medical Center 155.340 no PL R/T.
Dimensions: 60x60
Surface: Concrete
Elevation: 1756
Jet A Fuel: No
Nav Freq:
Max Weight:
Windsock: Yes
Lighting: Yes
Instrument App: No
Alternate LZ Information
Heliport ID:
Coordinates: N 36° 35' 15" x E 82° 15' 17"
36° 35.25' x 82° 15.29'
36.58750000 x 82.25483300
Location/Description: Unmarked sod area immediately ENE of the parking lots near the hospital sign.